The best Internet of Things articles for 2014 are…

2014 is just over and it is time to wish happy New Year and thank all the readers of IoTLaw for following with such interest this blog!  But it is also time to check which have been the best articles of 2014.

It was an extremely busy year for me.  There is no doubt that my highest professional achievement for 2014 was the promotion to the partnership at my law firm DLA Piper.  I have been increasingly involved in Internet of Things projects also launching an IoTLaw  LinkedIn group, speaking at conferences on the topic and coordinating a global Internet of Things law group at DLA Piper that now includes 50+ DLA Piper partners from all over the world and is a unique group among law firms of our size.

And here are the top 10 best Internet of Things articles from this blog for 2014:

  1. Open source vs. proprietary system in the Internet of Things (Winner!!!)
  2. Internet of Things reviewed by privacy regulators
  3. Top 5 issues of telemedicine and eHealth
  4. Wearable technologies and data protection issues
  5. Internet of Things technologies are cybercrime targets
  6. Connected cars will face legal hurdles?
  7. Top IoT insights from the Web Summit
  8. Internet of Things and telecom law issues
  9. Your smartwatch is a medical device?
  10. Internet of Things fostered by privacy rules on biometric data

Thank you for reading my blog posts, I wish you a great 2015 and in the new year don’t miss also my other blog GamingTechLaw!

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