Internet of Things Law at M2M+ Forum

I will be running two sessions on Internet of Things law matters at the M2M+ Forum in Milan on Monday 27 April 2015, one of the main events on the topic.

The EXPO in Milan is starting in less than a week, but the Internet of Things industry is more focused on the M2M+ Forum!  As part of the Disruptive Week, a week of coordinated international and domestic events dedicated to disruptive and emerging technologies, focused on M2M, IoT, robotics, wireless 2.0, smart energy and wearable technologies, the M2M+ Forum will explore the new horizons of the M2M world and the latest applications of this technology.  The conference was attended by 1,200 professionals from India, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, UK, Netherlands, Israel, Portugal, Switzerland and US last year and even more attendees are expected this year.

I will be running two sessions during the event covering the following topics, including some of the Internet of Things matters already discussed on this blog

  • How to regulate the Internet of Things?
  • M2M, Big Data, privacy obligations and cybercrimes. How the Internet of Things is changing privacy compliance

If you are around, it would be great to meet up!  Also, follow this blog as I will be publishing my presentations as usual.


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