Connected cars – Legal risks and opportunities webinar!

Connected cars are the fastest growing market within the Internet of Things (IoT), but lead to legal issues in terms of privacy, cybersecurity product liability that will be addressed in our next DLA Piper webinar. 

After the success of our first two DLA Piper webinars with over 350 attendees, here is another opportunity to discuss the legal issues of the IoT and in particular of connected cars.  As covered in this blog post, connected cars give rise to considerable problems in terms of privacy compliance, cybersecurity, telecom law compliance, product liability etc..  These issues are relevant also in the view of the consultation on the Internet of Things launched by the Italian privacy authority covered in this blog post.

As usual we will have a guest speaker that in this webinar will be Alan Prescott from Ford who will be accompanied by myself and my DLA Piper colleagues Mark O’Conor and Elliot Katz.

The webinar will take place on 24 June 2015 at 8 am UTC / 4 pm UK time and you can register HERE to the webinar and remember to add HERE your email address to our mailing list so that we can invite you to our future webinars.  Also, you will be able to follow the webinar on Twitter through the hashtag #DLAPiperIoT


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