The Internet of Things privacy cannot wait!

Just a few days are missing to the closure of the consultation on the Internet of Things by the Italian privacy authority which represents a good opportunity for the whole sector.

The uncertainty around regulations applicable to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the need to put in place a regulatory framework that allows to maximize the massive potentials of the IoT led the Italian privacy authority to launch a consultation on the topic.

I discussed about the matter in this blog post, but this is basically an incredible opportunity to contribute to the creation of the rules of the sector. The Italian privacy authority has already showed with for instance the new regulations on cookies to be quite forward looking and innovative on the identifications of solutions aimed at ensuring privacy protection in business oriented manner.

Indeed the Italian data protection regulator is the sole authority in the European Union which launched such a consultation on the Internet of Things that is expected to become a valuable benchmark also for other privacy authorities. Yet the timing of the consultation is perfect following the decision of the European Court of Justice that invalidated the Safe Harbor principles for the transfer of personal data from the European Union to the United States. Most of the Internet of Things technologies are supplied by US companies and European privacy regulations do not have to become an unbearable burden for them!

The Internet of Things association, IoTItaly, of which I am proud to be one of the founders has already prepared a draft position paper that is available on IoTItaly website here for comments/suggestions by anyone interested to the topic.

The consultation will expire at the end of October (i.e. in a few days) and the Internet of Things industry cannot miss such opportunity.


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