The IoT in Italy will be one voice

“It is a crucial timing for the IoT and the industry 4.0 and we need to be coordinated” and the upcoming first meeting of IoTItaly seems the good opportunity for that.

The above is the comment received by a company contacted by the newborn association IoTItaly, but it seems to represent the general opinion of the whole industry that invests in the Internet of Things in Italy.

The timing is crucial for the IoT as showed by the upcoming Italian Digital Day where the Italian Prime Minister will launch a plan of 100 points on the digitalization of the country that will cover the IoT. At the same time, the Ministry of the Economic Development is working on a plan to foster the growth of smart cities in Italy. And the national plan on the ultra-band refers to the IoT and smart cities.

A large number of proposals are being discussed, but the main concern is that they will remain general principles without any actual implementation which is just the opposite of what is happening at the European level.

A couple of weeks ago I met at the IoT360 event, Hamid Falaki, who contributes to the UK project IoTUK. The English Government has allocated £ 40 for investments in the Internet of Things and according to what I have been told by Hamid they cannot miss the predetermined targetes. They need to achieve some objectives within two years and shall account for that.

The UK is certainly a richer country than Italy. However, my impression is that it is not a question of financial resources, but how they are invested. It is clear that companies investing in the IoT in Italy need to be able to maximize their investments as otherwise they will move them to Spain, France, Germany, the UK  or even outside of Europe.

I started this blog post with the following comment from the industry

This a crucial timing for the IoT and the industry 4.0 and we need to be coordinated

The feeling is that the Italian industry has to aggregate on the IoT and needs to do it now. This is why IoTItaly was borne and this is one of the main points of the first meeting of the association (open to anyone interested) which will take place in Milan on 25 November 2015 at my law firm DLA Piper. Whoever wants to join the meeting can send an email to


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