Internet of Things rules at a turning point

The review by privacy regulators of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies together with the joint initiative on connected cars and self-driving cars might be an essential step towards IoT rules. 

Privacy Sweep 2016 on IoT

As part of an initiative launched by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network, the privacy authorities of 29 countries worldwide started an investigation on the compliance with privacy regulations of IoT technologies. The investigation could not have a better timing since the European Parliament has just approved the Data Protection Regulation which sets stricter privacy compliance obligations, especially for technologies performing profiling activities such as IoT technologies, and higher sanctions.

The Italian privacy regulator had launched in 2015 a consultation on the Internet of Things, but this new initiative has the purpose to better understand the status quo.

Inevatibly operators that are running IoT technologies and overlooked privacy compliance might be the target of investigations and such initiative might be a further warning for them.

European Cooperation on connected cars and self-driving cars

During the same days when the Privacy Sweep 2016 has been launched,  EU policy makers and European vehicle manufacturers have reached their first agreement on the future of self-driving cars and their place on the continent’s roads committing, through the so called “Declaration of Amsterdam” to cooperate in setting the rules that might foster their growth.

Such initiatives shall be considered to be part of the Internet of Things plan announced by the European Commission at the end of 2015 that shall lead to specific rules for the sector.


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